Gareth Middlebrook

Joe Grafton



Cat house attic features:

  • 720p and now in color!
  • human compatible
  • Stereophonic and Loudness controlled
  • Cookies sometimes available

Cathouseattic began as a whim of two devoted residents, czargb and dontnormally. Tired of finding faults in existing role playing and first-person shooter games, always talking about what they'd do differently, they decided to make it so.

With czargb's sciency background and dontnormally's advanced stuff skills they launched their idea.

What clowder would be complete without an adult cat? This is where Joe Grafton's practical know how in cat herding and overall organization and scheduling reflexes come handy.

And it would not be fair to forget Gareth Middlebrook for his loyal support from day 2 of the cathouseattic adventure.

All of our residents (this is literally a house where people live!) have been immensely supportive and we hope the scope of cathouseattic continues to expand to include all of our artistic outlets.


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